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2022-06-06 09:51Update fontsMahdi Mirzade1+8-2
2022-05-22 14:44Add anysize, externalpipe patches, other tweaks.Mahdi Mirzade10+1997-49
2022-04-12 10:26This was a really intelligent bugMahdi Mirzade1+1-1
2022-04-12 10:25base64_digits: reduce scope, implicit zero, +1 sizeMahdi Mirzade1+7-15
2022-04-12 10:23avoid potential UB when using isprint()Mahdi Mirzade1+1-1
2022-04-01 16:57TweaksMahdi Mirzade1+3-3
2022-03-23 19:56Add columns redraw, hidecurser and scrollbackMahdi Mirzade22+9545-0